A support contract needs to be tailored to how an individual business works

Unsure what you need?

If we can offer a piece of useful advice to any businesses considering their options around IT Support, it’s to think about what ‘your’ organisation needs and not what the IT provider may offer as part of their uniform package.

A support contract needs to be tailored to how an individual business works, it’s very important to get this right as a poor level of support, could ultimately lead to downtime and reduced productivity.

 Leaving 2020 a large majority of organisations have already agreed that 2021 will see staff continue to work remotely, so choosing a support contract that includes remote desktop support would be more beneficial. Engineers can then easily connect to a user’s laptop irrespective of where they are to diagnose and resolve both hardware and software issues, without the need to travel. When you couple remote support with telephone support, it provides a good all-round package that works really well for the current climate.

However, if the nature of your business means you have to operate on site, such as manufacturers, hospitality and construction sectors, then choosing a support contract that also includes field engineers that will travel both inside and outside the UK as demand dictates would be the best comprehensive level of support.

Remember, not all IT companies will be able to offer flexible packages so look for an IT partner that can support the needs of your business.