Benefits of a Hosted Desktop

Why should you have a Hosted Desktop?

Hosted Desktop gives everyone in an organisation access to operate from one system, no matter where they are located in the world, as long as there is internet connection.

CSCM Cloud Architects create servers in our cloud to host data and service specific applications, so that a business will run exactly like their on-premises network (without the need for onsite infrastructure).

Additionally, Hosted Desktop has a positive environmental impact by reducing carbon emissions caused by onsite equipment as well as a reduction to your general Business energy costs.

Hosted desktop gives flexibility and bases on the pay per user pricing structure, you can easily add and remove users as demand dictates. The system is very secure and uses encryption to transfer data to and from a location whether inside or outside of the UK.

With our Hosted Desktop service all data is automatically stored in multiple locations and backed-up on CSCM equipment in secure UK datacentres.

Another benefit of Hosted Desktop is that the CSCM Support team will manage the upgrade of your operating systems, updates and security requirements, taking the responsibility from internal teams and giving you assurance, your data is protected.