Christmas Scams to Watch Out For

The festive season is a vulnerable period for falling victim to online scams.

During the holiday season, a rise in scams and phishing attacks occur. This requires your vigilance and watchful eye, to make sure that you don’t fall victim and compromise your personal data.

Here are the most common scams to watch out for:

Fake Shipping Notifications: A common scam at the moment is the shipping notification scam where cybercriminals often send emails or messages posing as reputable shipping companies, prompting for a small fee payment for your parcel to be received, or prompting you to click on malicious links or download attachments, leading to compromise of personal information.

Bogus Charity Appeals: Some scammers take advantage of kindness during this time and create fake charity campaigns. Unsuspecting individuals may receive emails or messages requesting urgent donations. Verify the legitimacy of such appeals before contributing to ensure your generosity goes to genuine organisations.

False Holiday Promotions: Be wary of exclusive holiday promotions that arrive in your inbox offering festive promotions or discounts. These emails may include links or redirect you to fraudulent websites designed to steal your personal information. Be skeptical of unexpected offers and verify the legitimacy of promotions directly through the official website or official social media channels.