Cloud technology really can work for a legal practice – here’s a quick read example

Do you want to know more about the actual process?

CSCM worked with a longstanding local Solicitors Practice, to migrate them over to The Business Hive, so they could utilise cloud technology.

From the clients view there were initial reservations, being a traditional firm on a daily basis they used business-critical applications common in the legal world, such as Case Management provided by Mattersphere, Digital dictation provided by Big-Hand and Dragon Dictate, as well as a host of other applications such as Indigo, Oyes and Iris.

As these applications were vital to the running of the business it was important that all staff could still have access when they required it and vitally wherever they chose to work.

This was not a stumbling block, CSCM ensured all of the fundamental applications for the business were upgraded as part of the migration process and older systems such as the redundant PMS case management system were retired.

This gave the business much-needed flexibility to be able to work remotely as a new way of taking the business forward, as long as the team had access to the applications and data they needed they could work from anywhere, spending only the time they needed to in the office.

The Partners also opted for changing computers to laptops so those users who would be working from multiple locations now had the option of having a desk-based station for docking the laptop when they were in the office.

Once the decision to change had been made, the process took around 6 months to complete including full testing of all applications and the transfer of data.