Coping in an ever changing world of technology

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Is your business or the organisation you work in adapting to cope in an ever changing and connected world? Have you considered using cloud computing to streamline the daily running of the business?

The IT systems and devices that you rely on to run your business can often be costly, hardware is frustrating and software becomes outdated before you have even installed the latest upgrade.

But with so many cloud computing systems available, understanding the different types of cloud services and advice around how to protect against possible cyber threats can be a bit of a nightmare.

There are a number of ways that cloud computing can benefit a business irrespective of size.

Cloud-based systems can store and back up company data whilst also streamlining how information is shared. Using a cloud-based application adds an extra layer of security to your existing defence systems. Data that is stored in the cloud is encrypted to block hackers attempting to intercept files. Furthermore, advanced technology can identify corrupted files and detect viruses to prevent them from spreading and putting your entire network at risk.

Flexibility and accessibility are key factors in improving productivity for SME’s who rely on digital systems and technology. Giving the ability to store files in the cloud so that employees can access files anywhere, whether out on the road, in the office or working from home.

Cost-wise you will only pay for the services you need and the difference in the cost of these compared to those associated with software and hardware will be significant. 

Using Cloud computing provides unlimited data storage,  so you can free up space on your server. Systems used by your business will run more efficiently as your servers won’t be overloaded and are less likely to crash. The overall result of this is that your employees will experience less downtime, which will improve efficiency keeping your clients and customers happy.