Cybercrime and planning your defence is like the game of Chess

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your defence?

You don’t have to play Chess to be able to defend against Cyber Criminals but you do need a plan.

Cybercriminals may use clever computer technology to carry out their attacks but it is the people behind the attacks that are making the moves.

Comparing a game of chess with data protection brings similarities. As planning a strategy for defending yourself and your business against a cyber-attack, the object is not to win only to begin to understand what your opponent is trying to achieve and defend against their advances.

The King – Your money and your reputation, this is what you are protecting

The Pawns – Your team, these are your most effective and yet the most vulnerable pieces on the board

The Bishops – Your HR department

The Knights – Your technical experts

 The Rooks – Hardware & Software

The Queen – Backup

 The board is very simply the area in which you play, everything is very black and white you either make a move or you don’t.

However if you don’t make any moves there is no defence!