Digital Transformation - Where to start

Define the key aspects to make it successful

Digital transformation should be high on a priority list amongst any sized company, taking into considering that a large percentage of small businesses rely on digital technology to operate efficiently.

It is fairly common amongst businesses to struggle when it comes to drafting a digital transformation strategy and define the key aspects to make it successful.

A good starting point would be to identify the areas of the business that you feel require digital improvement and then categorise these into a list of priorities.

Our advice would be to assign someone in the business to manage the digital transformation project to ensure all relevant stakeholders are involved and include as many employees as possible as this will ensure your digital transformation strategy meets the needs of the whole business.

Vital to transformation is including and consulting your team as they hold key information in respect of the challenges they face daily with poor systems and processes. This will also help the whole business understand why change is needed and how it will benefit them.

In regards to cost, we would advise that you establish how much money you can afford to invest initially and work with an experienced company to guide you through the project, giving advice on devices, new systems and processes.

Digital transformation is a long-term push to continually improve a business through technology.

From experience it’s common for clients to only think about their current needs, however, consideration should be given to the bigger picture and any long terms plans such as future business growth.

Lastly choose your IT Partner carefully, look for sector knowledge on their website and ask for references and evidence that show what they have done for similar businesses.