Fully Managed IT or Co-Managed IT – What is the difference?

Looking for IT Support?

Some companies have inhouse IT departments or IT staff that a managed IT company such as CSCM integrate with and co-support.

It is agreed where responsibilities lie from the offset of the relationship and it is commonplace that the in-house team lack the expertise and resource to fully manage their IT infrastructure independently. The advantage of this level of support is that the client can tailor it to their specific needs.

With a fully managed IT contract, the IT provider takes on full responsibility for the management of the client’s systems, security and infrastructure. With this comes many advantages, one being the secure knowledge that in-house teams no longer need to take any ownership of tasks relating to their IT, giving them back time to focus on their day-to-day roles.

Additionally, the level of support available is much higher as specialists in IT Management like CSCM have much better resources and expertise to tackle issues as they arise.

For example, CSCM has a Technical Department that’s made up of many levels of expertise. So should a support issue be logged that requires more attention there is a quick escalation process in place to get the problem to the right person in the Business quick. However, where a business relies on in-house support it is unlikely that the right resource for the problem will be available and it could result in several members of staff grouping together to resolve the problem based on limited IT knowledge.

If you would like to talk to CSCM about either getting support for internal IT teams or fully outsourcing it, please contact us.