Going the extra mile, there for you how and when you need us.

Need help with third party support.

Working hard for our customers ‘For a Connected World’

When working with our customers to provide a support service not only do we support all the systems we are contracted to look after and supply, but we also provide day-to-day user support across all our customer’s sites,  no matter where they are.

We also support systems that we have no direct connection with, providing advice and guidance including dealing with software/application providers and helping them solve problems.

General user support includes telephone calls and remote access to computers across several time zones. However, CSCM will go the extra mile and help individual staff members such as Directors of the business with home technical issues.

Third-Party Support

The CSCM team will work with your third-party application providers to ensure that your applications are running effectively. SAGE, SSL (WINMAN), SAP, Inigo, Iris and MS Dynamic are just some of the applications that are used by our clients. We work alongside these providers maintaining regular contact and more to ensure these systems always work for your business. We will often get involved in upgrades of these applications to ensure that they are working correctly on the systems we support.