In-house IT Support v Outsourced IT Support

Interested in costs?

It’s not uncommon for businesses to employ a ‘DIY’ approach to IT Support as the general rule of thought from management is that the option of outsourcing it could be costly.

However, time and time again we interact with businesses desperate for help as it comes to a point when the ‘Break -Fix Approach’ catches up with them. The impacts are then causing issues internally with systems, processes and staff morale, let’s not forget impacted customers which can then lead to poor reputation and feedback.

Is Cost a Deciding Factor?

What a lot of business owners fail to realise is that an IT Support contract certainly with CSCM is purely based on a cost per user and when this is broken down and the advantages weighed up against the cost of inhouse support, it leaves them wondering why they have not made the decision to outsource a lot sooner.

Reactive or Proactive?

Our Support Contracts do not just give a business the peace of mind that experts are available when and how they need us, but they also benefit from our pro-active system monitoring. In the background we actively look for threats and issues often eliminating problems before there is any impact on the users. Comparatively, where a business uses in-house support it relies on a reactive approach so by the time someone realises there is an issue and takes action it can mean hours of downtime and loss of productivity.

Why Choose Us?

The technical department at CSCM is made up of tiered support technicians, cloud service specialists and network engineers who collectively form a robust team. They possess a knowledge bank that allows them to quickly troubleshoot and resolve problems at a speed that would be hard to match by an in-house support team. But should a client wish, would be happy to work alongside an in-house IT team to form a strong partnership that ensures IT systems run effectively and support is available at any time.

Support contracts differ from business to business, if you would be interested in tailoring a package that’s perfect for your team, please get in touch.