Boosting your organisation's defences against Cybercrime

Well-trained users are your first line of cyber defence.

KnowBe4 works by simulating Phishing Attacks; they have the largest library of security awareness training content. 

Phishing Simulations are released by KnowBe4 at a rate of roughly one per week via email to your employees. These are safe emails, where if a user does not take the appropriate and cautious steps and clicks on a link or opens an attachment, it will trigger a short piece of training about how to spot phishing emails and information on preventative measures. Automated emails are sent to managers showing whenever anyone is assigned training (including those who have fallen for a Phishing Simulation), and to point out if someone is failing to complete their allotted training.

KnowBe4 analyse your organisational vulnerabilities and use thousands of the best templates including scheduled emails and interactive means such as modules, videos, games, posters, and newsletters. Campaigns are customisable to match your company’s culture and needs.

With the root cause of most data breaches being traced to human error, security leaders who continue to invest solely on technology-based security layers run the risk of overlooking their best practice proven to reduce their vulnerability: security awareness training coupled with frequent simulated testing.

In KnowBe4’s recent 2023 report, the findings were that on average 35.2% of people failed the phishing tests, however, after 90 days, it reduced to 17.8%. Following this, after 1 year of testing, the average failure reduced to 5.8%. Results proved that KnowBe4’s training more than halved the failure rates of the phishing emails sent.

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