Networking and Communications

We Supply and Support

From connecting Businesses to the internet to connecting offices with other sites and buildings, CSCM does it all and to a high level, ensuring clients stay connected.

It’s not as simple as just providing an internet connection, CSCM will provide firewalls, licenses and support to ensure a seamless and secure service, to eliminate risks. Using only high-level equipment such as CISCO and Meraki we ensure that customers have the highest level of protection available, all equipment is provided with up-to-date licensing and managed by the CSCM team to ensure that our customers are protected.

Where we are not able to provide the line to the internet we can still supply all our customers with the appropriate firewalls and work with the internet provider to ensure that everything is working correctly.

We do this to ensure the highest level of protection for our customer’s networks and their sites, protecting their data and intellectual property.