October Newsletter - 2016

What's included this month:

The Albion Foundation
Blind Dave Heeley
Fish and Chip Fryday/CSCM Birthday
The Business Hive
Find it in the Black Country
BCCC Event - SI Group
I.T. News
Dates for your diary

The Albion Foundation & Dave Heeley

Jude was recently invited to spend the afternoon at theAlbion Foundation. This organisation works in partnership with the Football Club to provide sporting and educational opportunities to disadvantaged members of the community.

The Foundation invited 16 participants from local businesses around the West Bromwich area, for a taster session of their corporate team building events. Their first exercise the blindfolded obstacle course was used to demonstrate the importance of communication and team work, the participants’ sight was taken away from them and they become completely reliant on their partner to guide them through the various obstacles.This was followed by the power chair race when the group was split into teams and competed in a relay race. The fun did not end there, as last up was wheelchair basketball!

Jude was not expecting such a physical afternoon but thoroughly enjoyed it and can see what brilliant work the Foundation do. Please click on their link above for more information.

Also taking part in the activities was local legend 'Blind Dave Heeley' who is well known for his endless support to multiple charities. Dave has competed in various events this year alone, all of which are extremely gruelling and very tough. He successfully took part in the Baggies Bike Challenge in March, Birmingham 10K in May, closely followed by Escape from Alcatraz, an annual triathlon in June, Halesowen 10K in July and lastly The Great North run in September! (Please visit Dave'swebsitefor more information).

Special Fish 'n' Chip Networking Event

Friday 4th November
Hagley Golf Club, near Stourbridge.
£15.00 (plus VAT) per person

This promises to be a fantastic event as it is also the official launch of'The Business Hive'.

What's included:

Fish and Chip lunch
Complimentary drink
Guest speaker
Free goodies
Business card raffle
We are also pleased to announce that the guest speaker will be aforementioned Blind Dave who is well known for his inspirational speeches, we are excited that Dave will also be promoting his new book - From Light to Dark.

(All money raised by CSCM will be donated to The QE Hospital, Birmingham)

If you would like to attend please click below

Please book me onto Fish and Chip Fryday

Find it in the Black Country

Jude and Dave attended the launch of the new 'Find it in the Black Country'website. This event had over 300 attendees, with multiple guest speakers. The website and its new functions will give local businesses such as CSCM more opportunities to network online and it will support the local economy through local placement of business leads across the region.

Black Country Chamber of Commerce

Dave Hadley recently attended an event which was organised by the Chamber and hosted by the SI Grouplocated at Four Ashes, Wolverhampton.
SI Group is a global chemical manufacturing organisation, who are also fellow members of the Chamber Platinum Group.

The purpose of the session, led by Wendyanne Shapiro from Lotus Flower Consultancy, was to learn about Business Vision, Strategy and Planning. Dave fed back how insightful the morning was and also commented on how impressed he was by the SI Group site.
For more details about the Chamber or to become a member please click here.

I.T. News

Ransomware - How aware are you?

Ransomware is one of the most serious threats facing any business, it is simply a term used for any Malware (software which is specifically designed to disrupt or damage a computer system).

Cyber criminals will target individuals and organisations, irrelevant of size. The user will either have their screens locked, or certain files encrypted.

Following this they are normally given a certain time frame to make a payment in order to get access returned. Ransom amounts can vary and run into thousands of pounds, criminals will likely assess how important they feel the locked files are to the individual/organisation concerned.

Unfortunately statistics show that this type of cyber crime is increasing rapidly. Ransoms are being paid, on average approximately 45% of organisations affected do pay the value requested. But not surprisingly a further percentage of people affected, despite paying the ransom, do not actually get their data back.

Think about the significant impacts an attack could have on you or your business:

  • Personal loss of irreplaceable files
  • Data Protection breach
  • Reduction in staff productivity
  • Brand reputation
  • Financial impacts

We are therefore keen to pass on tips that may help you and your data stay protected:

  • Be aware of what websites your staff have access to and limit this to ensure fraudulent sites do not get access.
  • Make sure current employees and all new starters are aware of suspicious emails, containing attachments or links.
  • Back up data on a regular basis, think about offsite storage to ensure you can always get access to your data, should it be compromised.
  • Disable macros to stop potential infections from spreading

If you are unsure and need any advice, please contact one of the team.
T: 08431 668866
E: Info@cscm.co.uk

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