Security Tips to Remember and Consider

Here are a few reminders around good practise when it comes to email, passwords and devices.

Think before you click – Have you checked the source of the email? Are there any red flags about how this email is written? Is this a company you recognise, is the sender’s email address spelt correctly and does it match the last known valid email you had from them? How relevant is the link they want you to click, have you carried out all due diligence first?

Use a strong password – How simple is your current password? Does it include words that could easily be related to you and potentially known by others? Have you made sure that you use a mix of characters, including capital and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols? Have you ever shared this password with someone, if so have you changed your password since?

Are you a MS365 user – is so are you using MFA – Multi-Factor Authentication adds another layer of security to your 365 accounts. So if someone tries to log into your account on a different device or app, even if they have your username and password, they won’t get access without you first authorising this via the Microsoft Authenticator App.

Working on the move – Have you considered the implications of leaving your laptop somewhere, such as the train or coffee shop. If so, ensure you have some form of mobile device management, as this will allow your IT company to quickly still control and where necessary shut down access or wipe the device remotely to ensure your data remains staff.