Stay Secure with CSCM

Ensure business protection by staying up to date with safeguarding tips

Cyber security is a collective effort, requiring proactive measures and ongoing vigilance from everyone within your business.

By prioritising the following strategies, you can help successfully mitigate any potential threats:

  1. Stay vigilant against phishing attacks: Educate your staff on recognising suspicious emails, as phishing remains one of the most prevalent ways cyber criminals access your data. Ensuring vigilance to identify the red flags such as poor grammar and urgent requests are crucial.
  2. Educate employees on the best cyber security practices: As mentioned above, by fostering a culture of vigilance and by employing training on familiar aspects of phishing scams, you will be able to help protect your systems against vulnerabilities. 
  3. Enforce strong password policies: Passwords are the frontline of defence against unauthorised access. Implementing strong password policies, discouraging password sharing among employees, and ensuring that all employees have multi-factor authentication (MFA) enabled will collectively reduce the likelihood of data compromise.