Cyber Checklist

Concerned about Cyber Risks?

A business needs to be one step ahead when it comes to keeping data secure. Cyber breaches can have a very damaging effect on an organisation.

If you predominately manage your own IT systems, then run through the below checklist and ensure you are protecting your data in the best possible way.

Do you provide regular user training?

Cyber trends change continuously, so staff need to be regularly updated on what to look out for, we recommend that staff have a data security refresher every 6 months.

Do you know how often your data is backed up and where it is stored?

In the event of a cyberattack you will need to quickly recover data, so keep it backed up in a safe offsite location.

Check your Anti-Virus?

Ensure it is the latest version and set to update throughout the day and not just on a manufacturers default setting. It is worth taking into consideration that some products in the market are designed with Business use in mind, these add extra vital levels of protection.

Are your operating systems and applications patched?

Greatly reduce risk by ensuring you have the latest security patches in place

Do you control who has access to your business data?

Ensure you restrict who has access to sensitive data and manage this based on who needs what data depending on their job role.

Is administrative access restricted to certain users?

Keep admin access to a minimum, this will greatly reduce harmful applications being installed

Do you have a password policy?

This makes sure users are creating new ‘strong’ passwords on a regular basis and stops the overuse of weak passwords.

 Have you recently carried out a vulnerability scan?

This will identify harmful programs that may have been downloaded unknowingly by staff

If you would be interested in CSCM’s security services and products, please get in touch.