Businesses that moved with technology reaped the rewards in 2020

Moving with technology or standing still?

Law firms that chose to continually modernise systems and move with technology over the last few years were far better placed and prepared for 2020 and the need to quickly work remotely.

This included working from home and in crucial places such as court, local authorities and really wherever the client dictated.

This year will see more and more businesses that fall under the professional services umbrella looking at IT solutions that enable them to reduce costs, this could include downsizing and changes in location, complete flexibility in respect of employee location and also vitally assurances on how best to protect and store data.

Cloud technology has the ability to encompass all of these needs, earlier qualms on whether the cloud is the right decision for this type of this sector are quickly becoming eliminated by the realisation that IT companies have the expertise to adapt and create solutions that are unique to an organisation, irrespective of how niche the requirements may be.