Can your Business afford to lose business critical data?

The consequences of data loss can be devastating for your Business.

The consequences of permanent or large-scale data loss are well known and can be potentially devastating to your business. This could result in loss of custom for your business, reputational damage, breach of industry regulations and financial implications.

We adapt our manage back up service to your specific business requirements, this could be on premise or in our dedicated cloud servers. You can choose where your data is stored, where is it replicated and what devices you would like protected. Additionally, we agree the time and frequency of your backups, so this does not impact your working day.

By outsourcing your backups to CSCM you can focus your internal resources in other areas of your business, which eliminates the worry of whether backups are being done and whether they are successful. This reduces the risks to your business and guarantees the safety of your critical data. Key to this service is that clients know exactly where their data is stored, who always has access to it and that it can be managed how they wish.

By adopting a managed backup approach, you no longer have to worry about the cost of purchasing, maintaining and supporting secure infrastructure that you would otherwise need to deploy.