Datacentre hosting

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CSCM provide a number of hosting solutions to replace the need for IT servers and hardware on site.

The issue with keeping servers onsite, and in some instances at multiple locations within an organisation, is that it can be expensive to support and upgrades in this situation can also prove difficult as they have to be carried out at specific times. 

Our Data Centre Solutions offer a high-level safe and secure location for all our customers’ servers and data storage needs, keeping data here in the UK. Systems can be accessed through our own Business Hive Citrix Portal regardless of location and time. This is especially poignant for organisations that have multiple sites all around the world, with the need to access a centralised system irrespective of different time zones.         

The CSCM Business Hive operates as a multi-service environment allowing users from all over the world to connect to the system. The systems consist of an array of Hosts and Virtual Servers working together to provide an always-on solution. If a server fails another server will take over the role in minutes, in some cases seconds.

The important fact here is that data is stored across a number of storage locations ensuring it is always accessible by the client, however safe from Cyber Crime.