What is DNS Filtering?

DNS Filtering is a cyber-security measure that mitigates the risk of malicious content from reaching your users.

DNS Filtering, or Domain Naming System is a cybersecurity measure used to stop internet users from accessing unapproved websites on a server. It can block out inappropriate software or malicious malware. 

DNS resolvers are configured to place queries for certain domains a blocklist, so users cannot access those domains by deleting the IP addresses from the database. A blocklist is a list of domains or IP addresses that could cause malware or be a phishing threat to security that users cannot access.

Sites such as gambling, or even social media can be blocked to reduce cyberattacks that compromise data protection. Effective DNS filtering can stop up to 88% of internet malware before it reaches the network.


  • Mitigates malware and phishing threats so data is safer
  • It occurs before any content is downloaded (unlike web filtering)
  • Can be used as a content control to enforce policies by businesses