Don't take risks with data security in your business

Need help with data protection?

A very large proportion of businesses have some sort of online presence and a need to share information.

Therefore with this comes an obligation to also ensure all data handled is protected and secure.

Personal and sensitive data belonging to your business and also clients is at risk if you do not take appropriate measures to protect it at ALL times.

So as a business owner here are a few quick questions you need to be asking on a regular basis:

  • Firewalls – Who is managing the software in my Business, are there any vulnerabilities?
  • Is all software up to date?
  • Do we have secure back up in place, where is it stored and who is responsible for it?
  • Are my staff security-aware – when was the last time they had training?
  • Do I have new members of staff who have not been briefed?

If you think you need someone to manage your data security, please get in touch.