Email Signature Headaches

Alleviate pressures and responsibilities

Email signatures are a great platform to add in Company marketing and business accreditation's.

They are much more than just a way to provide contact details, they can be used to promote a company’s professionalism, branding and services.

However, a common pain point is how best to manage staff signatures to ensure they are professional, concise and uniform throughout the business.

At present does your Business:

  • Reply on end-users to update and manage their own signatures
  • Presume users are giving the right contact details, job title and department information
  • Hope this is the same format and information as their colleagues
  • Rarely check for inconsistencies regarding layout and spelling

If the above does apply, what do you think your customers and prospects think when they see a poor email signature from you? It could be that brand identity is important to them and it may give the impression that your business does not care about this aspect.

We speak with internal IT teams who tell us that managing email signatures is an ongoing repetitive task that takes up a lot of their time and annoyingly users still tamper with the correct format without consent.

Email Exclaimer is a business solution that eliminates the need for manual updates. You can design how the signature will look and set it up to integrate it into your email system so that any updates will be managed centrally. You can have different rules applied for different teams should you wish but the main format will be on brand and consistent, regardless of what device you use to send it.  End users will not have any power to change their signatures without going through the main administrator. In most scenario’s internal marketing teams control the advertising and look of the signature to ensure there is no misinterpretation of the brand.

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