Fact or Fiction?

Myth-busting 3 Common IT Misconceptions.

Here are a few common IT myths and the truths behind them…

Fiction:Macs don’t get viruses.”

Fact: Macs do get viruses! While Macs are generally less susceptible to viruses, they are not immune to them. There are Mac specific viruses and malware, and it’s essential to practice good cybersecurity on all platforms.

Fiction: “Private browsing keeps you anonymous.”

Fact: Private browsing modes like “Incognito” in Chrome or “InPrivate” in Edge are designed to prevent your browsing history from being stored on your local device. However, your Internet Service Provider, websites you visit, and potentially malicious actors can still track your online activities.

Fiction: “Closing background apps improves device performance.”

Fact: While closing unused apps can help in some cases, modern operating systems are designed to manage background processes efficiently. Manually closing every app can sometimes worsen performance, as reopening apps consumes additional resources.