The Big Switch Off: CSCM's Managed Telephone Solutions

Future proof your communications beyond traditional copper lines with CSCM

The Big Switch Off is the discontinuation of traditional copper lines that aid communications, in favour of more advanced telecommunications and digital networks. This transition is led by new technologies, such as the Managed Telephone Solutions that CSCM are now providing as a service in replacement of traditional lines. The two new options for your telephone needs are Hosted Phones and Teams Telephone Solution.

If you already are a Microsoft 365 user, the Teams Telephony System offers a seamless integration with existing licenses, eliminating the need for on-site infrastructure.  This solution enhances collaboration by synchronising with third-party applications and providing features like calendar views and availability indicators, powered by Microsoft Teams. Headsets and handset devices are available, ensuring a smooth transition and optimal functionality for home-based workers. The Hosted Phones solution operates over broadband and utilises the Webex app, which allows access from anywhere – enhancing mobility and flexibility. This cost effective option does not rely on copper lines and ensures continued service post-switch-off. 

At CSCM, being adaptable in our solutions means we future proof communications and ensure that your business stays up-to-date with the latest advancements. We can consult and maintain the handling of all devices; ensuring efficiency and reliability, where solutions are tailored to your needs.