Recycle and Help The National Trust – Plant a Tree

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Do you have a pile of old IT equipment sitting idle in a cupboard, or taking up room on a spare desk?

Apart from them cluttering space, have you considered the potential data breach?

When thinking of disposing of your old IT equipment, you need to consider more than just the recycling of materials – as your confidential, private data will have been held on the internal storage and could still be accessible.

With Data regulations ever-evolving and cybercriminals targeting disposed IT hardware for data theft, it is imperative you correctly dispose of unwanted hardware.

CSCM works with an accredited IT Recycling and Data Destruction organisation. Furthermore, more as part of their commitment to the environment, each time we use their disposal service, a tree is donated to the National Trust Plant a Tree Scheme, which contributes towards their goal of planting 20 million trees by 2030.

So, if you would like to help us, help them please enquire about our recycling service.

National Trust – Plant a tree