The Hidden Risks of QR Codes

QR codes are increasingly being used by cyber criminals to compromise data.

During the pandemic, QR codes became more popular as we saw restaurants, bars, shops and others within the hospitality industry utilise them to help minimise the spread of the virus. Businesses turned to QR codes and implemented them on tables, menus and shop windows for customers to use. Since then, QR codes have become a daily fixture, facilitating payments and various other transactions.

Since QR codes have become more popular, cyber criminals have found a way to exploit this and have been using fake codes to direct you to a near identical site for the company they are posing as. This allows for you to unknowingly enter your personal data into the scammers base, where they can access and use your information, including accessing your device or downloading malicious malware.

To mitigate this potential harm of fake QR codes, you can:

  • Use a QR Code Scanner App
  • Avoid scanning suspicious codes
  • Update your device and apps
  • Be wary of websites accessed via QR code