What is MDM?

MDM stands for Mobile Device Management.

As businesses move to support hybrid and remote workforces, they’re challenged with managing different devices to access the organisation’s resources. Employees or students can collaborate and work securely from anywhere in the world and connect through our MDM service, Intune.

Key features of Intune:

  • Manage users and devices
  • Intune simplifies app management
  • Intune automates policy deployment
  • Use the self-service features
  • Intune integrates with mobile threat defense
  • Use a web-based admin centre that focuses on endpoint management

From a security point of view, if your device is lost or stolen, we can quickly recover your data and wipe your device should it fall into the hands of the wrong person. This is due to Intune being centrally managed by us, which is another key feature of our service.