Working from home
during lockdown

Work from home tips

As we enter a 2nd UK lockdown, read our quick tips for working from home

Despite a very difficult year so far the CSCM team has been fortunate enough to be in a position where we could operate Business as usual regardless of where our staff needed to work.

Utilising technology is the core of our business so we were already well equipped to work unaffected without impacts to productivity and importantly without any data security risks that can be an issue for some when working remotely.

However, we appreciate that a huge proportion of the UK reverting to home working will bring challenges.

So taking technology aside for a moment, here are some quick tips we would like to offer to promote a safe and healthy working environment, wherever that may be in the next few weeks:

  • Set up a designated working area, the closer this replica is to your business workspace the better
  • Try to keep to your regular hours every day, structure is very important
  • Stick to the schedule you have planned
  • Plan regular breaks and adhere to them
  • If there are others at home with you, where possible try to schedule tasks that need more concentration at a time when maybe the rest of the house is outdoors or quiet. You may need to move your daily work plan to accommodate this, however, this will maximise your productivity.
  • Be aware of your posture – change your position often if possible or take small walks
  • Keep hydrated, It will help your concentration levels