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Cloud IT

Future-proof your business
Flexible, scaleable, reliable

Cloud IT

Cloud infrastructure offers modern business an incredible amount of freedom. With the flexibility to update automatically and scale perfectly to the evolving demands of your company, you’ll always be ready for the future. We can create a complete hosted cloud solution using our Business Hive, or integrate with your existing on-site IT. Either way, you’ll have access to the latest technology, while only paying for what you need.

Hosted Desktop

Our fully supported hosted desktop keeps an exact copy of your system in our cloud. Our technical design team tailor your environment to meet your business and storage needs. And, as it’s hosted on a full multi-redundant infrastructure, if hardware fails, it will restart on our alternative hardware – so you can keep working while we fix the problem.

  • Everyone in your organisation operates from one system
  • Access data and systems from anywhere, at any time
  • Cloud runs your business just like an on-site system, but without the hardware
  • Lower carbon emissions and business energy costs
  • Add and remove users as you need to
  • Data is encrypted for total security
  • Advanced EDR Protection, Anti-virus filtering, Anti-Malware and Patch Management
  • Managed and upgraded by our support team
  • Dedicated IT Support and Monitoring service

Virtual Private Cloud

For extra security, control and performance, our Virtual Private Cloud allows you to specify a platform tailored precisely to your needs. You can select from cost-effective solutions based on shared components, to fully dedicated high availability solutions with synchronous replication between datacentres.

Servers and Storage

If you’d prefer your own team to manage your systems, we’ll design and install a strong, secure on-site server and storage solution – but we’ll still be on-hand whenever you need support. However, if you want more efficiency, better performance and lower running costs, it’s easy to transfer your servers into our cloud. Our highly experienced solutions architects consider all the crucial factors to deliver a cloud system that meets your needs.

  • Solutions based on world-leading technology brands, including Microsoft, Hewlett Packard, Cisco/Meraki, VMWare and Citrix
  • Reduced on-site power consumption
  • Reduction in hardware spend
  • Time-saving on server deployment by going virtual
  • Reduction on downtime and disruptions
  • Use your in-house IT staff in other areas of your business
  • Less impact on the environment

Dedicated Servers

If a part of your business needs a system to cope with extra levels of data, we can create a dedicated server. Whether it’s for a high-traffic website or web application, a dedicated server will provide extra bandwidth to keep performing smoothly.

Microsoft 365

With the tools to foster creativity, build teamwork and simplify security across your organisation, Microsoft 365 is the perfect solution for the modern business. We can migrate your system to MS 365 to help build a cloud adoption roadmap and help you work smarter and smoother. This empowering software brings together a range of apps to make you more productive, connected and flexible.

  • Team collaboration with Microsoft 365
  • Secure file sharing
  • Mobility and device compatibility
  • Machine learning-enabled efficiencies
  • Agile communication for everyone
  • Safeguards data, virtually anywhere
  • Maintain current data privacy and compliance

Web Hosting

Your website is your gateway to the world, telling your customers what you’re about and why they should choose you. Our hosting platforms are designed to keep your website stable, secure and operating efficiently. We can also tailor your package to deliver unlimited bandwidth for a smooth visitor experience, and additional web space as your business grows.

  • Fast
  • Reliable
  • Supported
  • Protected