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Secure IT

Business data is your most valuable asset
Protect, back up, encrypt.

Secure IT

In business, data is one of your most valuable assets – and our Secure IT services protect it at all times. Whether you use the cloud, on-site storage, or a combination, we develop and deliver services to suit your business. Keeping cyber-criminals out and giving you the power to recover data lost by accidental or deliberate deletion.

Threat protection, backup and encryption are just some of the services that keep our customers’ data safe.

Managed Backup

Automatic and secure, our Managed Backup service is the easy way to store and safeguard business-critical information on your servers, workstations and personal computers. You can even store your data in our own cloud, so you never lose control of valuable data.

  • Your backup files are encrypted and sent to UK datacentres for safe storage
  • Your information can be retrieved fast as we store a local copy in addition to the datacentre
  • Our comprehensive retention programme means you can always recover your data
  • We can also backup and protect data on your own servers, desktop computers and email

Business Continuity Planning

If the worst should happen, your business-critical information is always in the best hands. We’ll plan and design a business backup and recovery solution that meets your needs and expectations. Helping you carry on working in the face of accidental deletion or total system loss as the result of fire or flood.

Advanced EDR Protection

Cyber-crime greatly advanced throughout 2020 with so many people working remotely, it opened up vulnerabilities that can and will be exploited by cyber criminals. Organisations are at risk because often people are working from home without the added protection of the business firewall. Unfortunately cyber criminals have endless resources and will employ top technical minds to beat the systems we all currently use, to combat this CSCM offer Advanced EDR Protection.

Advanced Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) offers much higher levels of protection which will help prevent cyber-attacks compromising an organisations entire systems.

Prevent Cyber Attacks

  • Help protect against the latest threats without waiting for recurring scans or updates to signature definitions
  • Respond to threats at the endpoint almost immediately
  • Customize protection to allow/block USBs and endpoint traffic to determine the appropriate response

Detect Threats with Behavioural AI

  • Eight separate AI engines for coverage and performance
  • Easily determine how and when an attack started
  • View summaries or detailed information about threats from a single dashboard
  • Present key risk findings and executive insights via customized reports

Respond Effectively Through Automation

  • Automate responses for a quick threat containment
  • Help remediate attacks by reversing the effects
  • Rollback attacks by replacing compromised files with pre-attack healthy versions

Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Protection

  • Complete real time data protection
  • Advanced Threat defence
  • Web security
  • Anti-Fraud
  • Network Threat Prevention
  • Multi-layer Ransomware Protection
  • Anti-Phishing
  • Safe Files

Email and Web Protection

Mail Protect
Over 90% of cyber-attacks against business start with email. But our secure, proactive and trusted Business Email protection service filters and monitors inbound and outbound traffic. We’ll intercept potentially harmful emails before they reach your inbox, lowering the risk of staff accidentally opening a suspect link.

  • Inbound:
    Our system scans messages and automatically classifies them into spam, virus, or imposter
  • Outbound:
    We scan the message from the user prior to delivery to stop potentially dangerous messages reaching another organisation.
  • Run your email protection through our Business Hive Cloud, or as an on-Premise Service

Security Features:

  • Spam filtering
  • Advanced threat protection
  • Phishing protection
  • Email encryption
  • Anti-virus
  • Content filtering
  • Data loss prevention

Web Protection and Filtering

Nobody’s perfect and, sadly, many data security breaches are down to human error. But, with our advanced web filtering solutions, you can lock your people out of compromised websites that could expose you to viruses or malicious code. With protection from HTTP and HTTPS security threats, as well as advanced DNS filtering control, you’ll always have a full overview of internet use within your company.

  • Malware blocking
  • Phishing protection
  • Reporting
  • Flexible policies
  • Content filtering
  • Malicious detection service
  • Secure BYOD

File Encrypt and Share

Sharing data is essential for the smooth running of your business – and our secure email and file sharing products ensure that your information is only ever seen by the right people.

  • Cloud-based, so you can access data from anywhere
  • Collect E-Signatures on contracts and forms
  • Our File Encrypt and Share solution can be used on any device – encrypting the attachment and the body of the email

Data Destruction and Recycling

When it comes to recycling your IT equipment, we make sure your data never goes with it. We work with the UK’s highest accredited IT recycling and data destruction organisation, operating to the best standards and using the latest methods to clear out your tech.

  • Collection from your premises by a CSCM Engineer
  • CESG approved crushing of hard drives
  • Data drives stored securely in a locked safe prior to destruction
  • All drives are crushed at the CSCM offices in the presence of our team
  • All recycling operatives pass BS 7858 security vetting and are thoroughly trained in data security proceedings
  • Full documentation is provided with all data destruction
  • Data destruction methods can help ensure you are compliant with applicable laws and regulations (Such as the Data Protection Act, for example)
  • Environmental recycling and/or disposal of all plastic, base metal and hazardous materials