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Manage IT

On-hand expert support
Minimise downtime

Manage IT

When your IT system runs smoothly, so can your business. Our support contracts give you an expert team on-hand to provide technical back-up when you need it, and get you up and running again fast if an issue occurs.

Service Desk

Our dedicated team is standing by to make sure faults, troubleshooting issues or requests for administration tasks are logged and handled as quickly as possible. To minimise downtime, we can access your servers and workstations remotely to deal with many issues; or we can get specialist help on-site if you need it.

  • Access our helpdesk by email or phone
  • Remote and onsite support
  • Network and firewall management
  • Our engineers cover the mainland UK daily
  • 365 Management, support and backup
  • We also arrange visits to our international customer’s sites when necessary


If you need the reassurance of an IT expert on-site at all times, we can provide a dedicated engineer who understands your business inside and out. This can be useful if you’re if you’re running a manufacturing centre where productivity depends on everything running to a tight schedule. Or if you are in the sports and hospitality industry, for example, and need fully functioning IT to ensure a smooth flow of customers at big events.

System Monitoring

We don’t just respond to IT issues, our technicians can also monitor your system remotely to troubleshoot and eliminate problems before they become an issue. Because we understand each customer’s individual systems, we’ll always know what we’re looking for – and we’ll provide the latest methods to maximise your IT set-up now and for the future.

Asset and Mobile Device Management

Outdated equipment can slow down your business and frustrate your team. That’s why your computer hardware can also be covered by our support packages. Our advanced asset management tools can report on the performance of your computers, printers, tablets and other devices.

  • We’ll track warranty records and notify you when things should be replaced
  • Our asset tool also tracks how devices are used off-site, so you can keep tabs on productivity
  • Location tracking for devices that are lost or stolen
  • A wipe and disable feature to shield your data

Disaster Recovery Planning

When data is at the core of your business, the consequences of losing it could seriously damage your productivity, reputation and revenue. To prevent the unthinkable, we’ll plan and design a tailored Disaster Recovery package that can keep you up and running in the event of a virus, natural disaster, human error or other event. A strong contingency plan to give you confidence when you need it most.

  • Disaster simulations to test your contingency plan
  • Full test restore of servers and data to make sure you’re prepared

Project Management

Whatever your requirements, we’ll make everything run to plan with our dedicated Project Management team, made up of Directors, Account Managers, Technical Experts and Co-ordinators. You’ll work closely with people who have the best skills and knowledge to deliver your project effectively, on time and within budget.

  • Experts in planning and communication
  • Optimising every resource, minimising disruption
  • Covering everything from basic installs to complex network upgrades, right up to global cloud migrations

Managed Print Solutions

The true measure of a well managed print solution is when you can concentrate on your real business while your printer devices are seamlessly managed in the background.

Make sure your printers are always at full strength with our bespoke print solutions. Our tier billing system lets you choose the right level of support; and we partner with Kyocera, one of the UK’s leading providers in print solutions, to offer you the latest products and expert technical support.

  • Less maintenance, and increased reliability
  • Reduced running costs – by up to 40%
  • Significantly reduced e-Waste – by up to 80%
  • Durable, sustainable and cost-effective products

A CSCM site assessment may also highlight other services you have not related to print devices, such as the fact that MFP’s can be used to digitally archive or send documents and initiate advanced workflows such as automatically generate payments as invoices are scanned to archive.