CSCM - Data Destruction & Recycling Service (DDRS)

CSCM - Data Destruction & Recycling Service (DDRS)

Do you have a pile of old IT equipment sitting idle in a cupboard, or taking up room on a spare desk?

Apart from them cluttering space, have you considered the potential data breach?

When thinking of disposing of your old IT equipment, you need to consider more than just the recycling of materials – as your confidential, private data will have been held on the internal storage and could still be accessible.

With Data regulations ever evolving, potential heavy fines waiting to be issued and with criminals targeting disposed IT hardware for data theft – we felt it crucial to develop an improved service for the disposal and recycling of your old IT Equipment.

CSCM IT Solutions are now working with the highest accredited IT recycling and data destruction organisation in the UK; operating to the highest standards and utilising all the latest available industry standard data destruction methods and systems

This service is charged at £9.99+VAT per PC or Laptop to be disposed of and provides you with the following reassurances;

  • Collection from your premises by a CSCM Engineer
  • CESG approved crushing of hard drives
  • Data drives stored securely in a locked safe prior to destruction
  • All drives are crushed at the CSCM offices in the presence of our team
  • All Recycling operatives pass BS 7858 security vetting and are thoroughly trained in data security proceedings
  • Full documentation is provided with all data destruction
  • Data destruction methods can help ensure you are compliant with applicable laws and regulations (Such as the Data Protection Act, for example)
  • Environmental recycling and / or disposal of all plastic, base metal and hazardous materials

Please Email us should you want more information, or watch our video on Facebook.

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