CSCM / Case study


Forward thinking

Avanti have been an established and respected name in the Kitchen and Bedroom industry for many years. When their new owners took over they wanted to move the business forward and that meant moving the IT forward as well.

The owners where looking for a technical solution that worked for their multi showroom business to help them improve the flow of information.

The system needed to be extremely reliable and also offer secure access to some complicated design systems from a remote working team of professionals. As well as access to systems and key sales and design tools from each of the business showrooms across the country.

Avanti had an array of impressive applications that allowed them to replicate a customer’s dream kitchen or bedroom in the showroom, systems were old and complicated, a systemically process of added to rather than upgrading over the years was affecting performance.

The team at CSCM elected to create the new system within the Avanti network with a design that could be in the future moved to the CSCM cloud. There was a short time frame to get everything installed, as Avanti were in the middle of their busiest period they had had in 5 years. A new server infrastructure and Cisco network was introduced to combat the problems of the aging systems. New PC’s & Laptops were given to key users suffering from the slow speed of old devices and a remote access and desktop server solution was introduced for the designers and the showrooms. This ensured that all data was centrally secured which also helped Avanti reach its GDPR data security targets

The directors at Avanti indicated that the system needed to support the business as it grew and knew that at some point they would want to move to a flexible cloud based solution.

“The systems design and the solution CSCM was perfect for our business it solved and immediate problem and left us feeling confident we could move to a cloud based setup when the business needed to”

“CSCM dealt with everything, Communications for each of our sites providing us with competitive leased lines and FTTC connections, they provided us with a new managed security services which also creates a complete inventory of all our IT equipment. And they created a full disaster recovery plan that if needed would take us straight into a cloud based replica of our onsite systems.”