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SME Solicitors

Running a legal firm of professional fee earners, legal secretaries and support staff has changed significantly over the last few years, automated processes and new AI technology is shaping the way in which clients in the legal sector are working.

Using knowledge to prepare clients for the future

When CSCM were approached by one of Worcester’s longstanding and well respected law firms, the team were well placed to put forward and embed solutions that would make the changes the client needed in order to modernise and revolutionise the way their Business operated in the Legal sector. The firm had invested in IT over the years but were at a crossroads and needed to make a decision on how they wanted to work in the future.

Staying ahead of competitors and looking at customer expectations

For many years, the Business had relied on in house technology and onsite servers for access to applications, systems and for the storage of their valuable data. But like many firms over time, they were slowly having to change the way their company operated in line with client demand and the ability to access their systems from multiple locations, including home and in court was becoming more common place.

Creating flexibility

For this client, the decision to make changes was an easy one, with the changing world and the firm looking at remodelling the offices or possibly moving, CSCM’s cloud solution made perfect sense as the team would be able to work from any location securely and they could budget a specific cost per user each year and only spend what they needed.

Vital applications being updated

Being a traditional firm, on a daily basis they used Business critical applications common in the legal world, such as Case Management provided by Mattersphere, Digital dictation provided by Big-Hand and Dragon Dictate, as well as a host of other applications such as Indigo, Oyez and Iris. As these applications were critical to the running of the business, it was important that all staff could still have access when they require it and vitally whenever they chose to work. All of the fundamental applications for the business were upgraded as part of the process and older systems such as the redundant case management system were retired.

SME have never looked back

The business saw flexibility and working remotely as a new way of taking the business forward. The Partners also opted for changing computers to laptops for those users how would be working from multiple locations giving each user the option of having a desk-based station for docking the laptop when they were in the office. The migration process took around 6 months to complete including full testing of all applications and the transfer of data.