CSCM / Case study


Centek group
Worldwide connectivity

Established in 2001, Centek produce a number of key products including centralisers for the oil and gas industry and have been a CSCM customer since 2009. The business has changed over the years expanding across the world. 

Centek plans to develop and expand the business further. Access to key applications and data was now required by a remote team working across all five continents.

CSCM had previously created a solution to share key systems across the two main business sites in the UK and the USA, however the business was expanding and wanted to introduce additional new technology that enabled access to all staff regardless of location.

Centek wanted to look at a gradual move to a hybrid cloud based solution that gave them some key flexibility to access data and also create a new modern environment for the Centek approach.

CSCM introduced a Microsoft Azure linked network to allow a hybrid solution to be created, this gave Centek extended links into the wider Maddison Group network, which had a big input on the developing systems within the group of companies. 

An introduction of Microsoft’s 365 platform also gave Centek new tools such as Microsoft teams which made communication across the world simple and within reach of all the Centek team.

Plans were formed to create a complete hybrid solution over three years that would transform Centek and the way in which applications and data are accessed. Security was at the top of the list and this featured high as new improved Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions were introduced. Central secure cloud storage was created to ensure that data could be accessed when needed and this was linked to the existing systems. A plan to change the way the business stored some of its data was also needed and to rethink some of the key business applications also formed part of CSCM’s solution to change the way Centek worked.

“It’s a change that we need to do, CSCM are key to our success and helping us redesign our systems for the future this ensures that we stay up to date”

“We have key directives that need to be introduced and also we a going through these progressive changes. Keeping everything running and taking us in to this new era is CSCM they are an amazing team that we totally rely on”