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Creating a Hosted International solution for Manufacturing

The Manufacturing Industry has always found it difficult to find systems that meet the needs of the business. So when a leading international hydraulic manufacture approach CSCM with their frustrations with I.T., CSCM were able to create an innovative Cloud solution that has really made a difference to their business.

Hi-Force a leading UK based international designer, manufacturer and supplier of hydraulic tools with a network of regional offices extending to United Arab Emirates, Italy and Malaysia, found themselves due to their wide span locations needing a centralised I.T. system which would enable access to their main business applications and data from any location across the world.

Branches across the world operated from a common software platform however each site operated the software independently. They held their own files and copies of common company files at their UK head office. This meant it was difficult to access systems and collate data.

As the business was expanding there was a need for all sites to operate from one system, sharing the data to improve the businesses access to information and also streamline operations.

The company saw that if everyone across the world shared the same files and also operated from the same version of the primary business operating application they could create a real time information flow and improve delivery times to customers, and create a real time international view of their stock across the world.

Each branch within the business operated independently

It was hard to manage version of specific company files and data

Excessive travel in order to understand key business information

After learning about their business and the obstacles they were facing the CSCM team came up with a solution that was pertinent for an international company especially one that held large amounts of data in multiple locations.

Using CSCM’s already established Business Hive Cloud solution as a base the key objective was to centralise the operating applications and data for their entire business locating them within UK Based datacentres. There was also a need create an easy uniformed access solution that the users would find easy to use and also connect to from wherever they were in the world. The team created an International Hosted Desktop solutions using The Business Hive for the users to log on to. This solution gave the company one point of access to all applications and information for all their sites around the world.

There were some caveats as a manufacturing data needed to be accessed by the computer controlled machinery, these computers where linked to a synchronised localised server to ensure that if connections to the datacentre were cut operations could continue as normal.

There was also a requirement for the use of CAD within the business and this was solved by incorporating a shared-file and shared-server solution within the infrastructure ensuring CAD files could be easily accessed from the locations they were needed.

  • Centralised I.T. infrastructure for all sites across the world
  • Access to data from any location at any time
  • Time zone specific setups
  • Reduction in cross site travel
  • Reduction in cost for computer maintenance by replacing PC’s with Thin Clients
  • Centralised backup for all company data
  • One cost for I.T. across the group

This was one of the most exciting projects the CSCM Team have worked on. It show the flexibility of The Business Hive solution. CSCM are proud to have been able to customise a comprehensive cloud based solution for an international company like Hi-Force.
One of the added bonus’s that came out of the solution was that senior management were able to reduce travel across the world as all of the access to information was now available from their primary location international reports could now be produced in real-time giving the business a real time understanding of what was happening at each site.
We travel all over the world to connect in-house software and systems, this means our customers don’t have to.