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Tregenna Castle

Tregenna Castle
Modern technology

“Historical Venue with a modern twist.”

The Historical Tregenna Castle overlooks the bay of St Ives in Cornwall, it’s a local landmark full of history but with the pressures of a competitive Hotel & Leisure marketplace the directors needed to be able to provide their guests with modern technology, without losing the historic experience expected in a building that dates back to 1700’s.

Over the years Tregenna Castle has grown considerably, originally housing just 12 castle bedrooms, it now offers its guests a luxury resort experience that includes 98 castle bedrooms as well as several onsite lodges built around the grounds, with sports and leisure facilities, restaurants and bars.

Following a consultation the CSCM project team initially carried out a full onsite survey to look at the existing network and establish what the resort really needed and wanted from their IT. At this stage in a project its important consideration is given to the nature of the business, including the business objectives and vitally any existing pain points the clients have with their current IT set up.

With a complex of this size and status communication throughout the whole resort was imperative to ensure guests could enjoy facilities regardless of where they were on the site.

As part of the project CSCM embedded a complete new modern network and replaced the old server infrastructure which allowed the business to benefit from leased line connectivity throughout. Redundant hardware and cabling was removed and streamlined down to be replaced with brand new up to date equipment. The solution we embedded gives the owners the flexibility to easily grow in the future.

The team at the complex now utilise CSCM’s cloud hosted desktop which includes managed backup and additional security measures around their data, given the personal data they handle on a day to day basis. 

Their data is securely backed up in CSCM’s Cloud in UK datacentres, so Tregenna have full knowledge of where their data is stored, who has access to it and that it can be retrieved in the event of a data breach or accidental loss.

Although based in Cornwall the team have assurances that CSCM are there to support them and where this is not on a remote basis, engineers regularly travel to site, this forms part of their tailored support package. 

With the hospitality sector like others providing a public service or events it is important IT support is available regardless of the time of day, so support packages are uniquely designed for the client’s specific needs. 

As is common with this sector it is not always possible to predict in advance when and what events will present themselves as an opportunity. However, CSCM appreciates how important it is to sometimes quickly get their clients where they need to be from an IT perspective, in order to reach and excel customer expectations. An example of this was in preparation for the G7 Summit in June 2021 when Tregenna welcomed a number of high-profile guests from around the world. In response to this, the CSCM Networking and Infrastructure project team reassessed and extended the network around the castle grounds, allowing updated security to be included on the network.

CSCM has worked with Tregenna Castle for over 20 years, the relationship continues to flourish as we know how the clients business works, our technicians constantly review and look at technology that would benefit Tregenna ensuring they are always well placed to make crucial changes as the world of hospitality dictates. 

“We have used CSCM for some time now, we feel comfortable with their abilities and staff to support our business with technical or operational issue we might have.  We are happy to recommend them to any prospective client” 

James Wambeek, Account Manager, Tregenna Castle, St Ives.